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Short and lunch breaks can be tracked as non-billable time, just in case you want to build more complete reports on how your team is using their work hours in general. Spark connects with Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and several more, meaning—you can connect it with almost whatever email service provider. Finally, this amazing work from home application comes with email templates you can tweak and send in seconds, giving you more time to do the important work. Create as many workspaces, boards, folders, subfolders, and items as you need and want, organize data to your liking, and make it all tidy and accessible. Being far away from your ambitious, career-driven colleagues can easily make you lose the drive to level up your career and pursue promotions.

The Work From Home Starter Kit

Brand ambassadors earn up to 35% commission on sales, plus you can build a team and earn even more. Boisset Collection is a direct sales company that sells wine, accessories, jewelry, and gifts. For just $1, you can sign up with their go-green kit, which includes access to their digital platform, training tools, marketing assets, and website for 90 days (after that, it’s $14 per month). This does not include any wine or stemware, so you’ll want to consider purchasing a tasting kit. This care package comes with everything your team will need to complete Pinterest and Instagram-worthy DIY projects.

Burts Bees Kit

Keeping talent excited to start is a delicate process of staying in contact via email, and trying to offer them ways to get to know the company culture better. Having your welcome kit arrive at their doorstep at the drop of a hat says you’re on top of it and can’t wait for them to join you! Whether it’s a single new hire or a whole class of new employees, storing welcome kits with the Swag Inventory and Distribution platform means we can reach any address in the world whenever you need.

YET, we absolutely think that helping your employees remain calm, happy, and creative can improve their productivity and resilience in such a challenging time. Make a big impression by creating a custom swag gift package for those that matter things needed to work from home the most to you. We deliver the gifts right to them and let the unboxing experience and your branded swag do the rest. Having all the tools you’d normally need while working in an office makes easing into remote work, well, easier.

WFH Starter Kit: 15 Best Work From Home Apps in 2023 and Beyond

With this business opportunity, you can join the virtual opportunity for just $12.95, which includes your website for one month. They also have a $50 startup kit that contains $100 in products and business supplies. Consultants earn up to 50% commission on sales and additional commission for building a team. As more people work from home—temporarily or permanently—due to COVID-19, customized work-from-home gifts are a great way to boost morale and stay connected with other members of your team. Our line of promotional products can help you build a work-from-home kit for employees to help them stay productive and engaged from their home office. We have a variety of swag items to put in your care package for remote employees.

The Work From Home Starter Kit

A great category for that is custom apparel, like t-shirts and hoodies. If you want to get your employee excited from day one, deck them out in high-quality gear so they feel like any other team member. Hats, hoodies, socks or whatever else you can think of will help make your new employee feel like a part of the team. Remember that the point of these onboarding welcome kits is to make your new employees excited, welcome and connected with the rest of the team. Keep that in mind when choosing how you want your box to look and writing your welcome letter. Just having that awesome planner isn’t going to do you any good if you don’t use it.

focus booster — A Productivity Booster and A Work From Home App

Beauty consultants can earn up to 50% commission on sales and earn great prizes for meeting and exceeding goals. Java Momma sells organic fairtrade coffee, flavored coffee, loose-leaf tea, cocoa, and accessories in various flavors like sea salt caramel mocha, raspberry chocolate rodeo, and pumpkin muffin. Baristas earn 20% commission on sales and additional commissions on team sales. Java Momma offers three starter kits ranging in price from $20-$145. With this opportunity, you’re only required to make one sale every three months, and your replicated website is free.

  • This does not include any wine or stemware, so you’ll want to consider purchasing a tasting kit.
  • From seeds to serenity, these personalized pots offer some calm amidst the daily storms.
  • This simple work from home survival kit has all the swag basics covered.
  • Survival kits often have food and water, and a Work-From-Home Survival Kit should be no exception.
  • Our platform will manage your inventory, let you know when stock is low and make re-ordering as easy as a few clicks.
  • You can get started for as little as $35 for the product guide enrollment fee, and your website is free (products cost extra).

By having choosing specific locations head of time, you can just get up and go without any extra thought. Unfortunately, working alone in a home office 5 days week can be pretty stifling. The scenery never changes, and there are long stretches where–despite putting on pants–you may not leave your house. You may not leave for days or weeks depending on how social you are. Just like dressing out in gym class, dressing in real clothes puts your mind in going-to-work mode.

Lastly, your team will learn about the best preparation methods (for instance, how to properly grind and/or brew). The Charcuterie Board Experience is an unforgettable at-home culinary get-together for remote teams and virtual events. An experienced live event guide leads your team over video to design and build mouthwatering charcuterie boards. Team building kits and packages are one of the best tools HR pros, office managers, and employers have at their disposal for creating a tight-knit team regardless of proximity. If you’re interested in having help you create create employee onboarding kits, reach out using the form below. One of our experienced team members will be in touch to let you know more about what we can do.

  • The first option we have for you is a working from home starter kit.
  • Imagine taking a tour through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in real life!
  • I still find myself distracted by Twitter or Steam or something else shiny.

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